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Farm Fresh! Quality House Wash, in Port Trevorton, Pennsylvania

Farm Fresh! Quality House Wash, in Port Trevorton, Pennsylvania

We received a call from a gentleman on behalf of his sister looking to have her Farm House washed, as she was tired of seeing a dirty house when she came home. We gave her a call immediately so we could line up a day to drive down to Port Trevorton to see what was going to be involved to get this job done. It was a beautiful old Farm House that hadn't been cleaned in several years. It had your normal airborne dirt and grime on most of the house but when we got around to the north side, "WOW", I'm pretty sure it never saw the sun. The organic growth had the nice white siding turned green. This was definitely one of the more significant cases of algae growing on a house, that I have seen.

On wash day, our goal was to provide a quality House Washing Service to boost the curb appeal, so that the customer could return home each day to a freshly cleaned home. We started off by pretreating all of the concrete and stucco with cleaning solution to start breaking down the organic growth. After the surfaces lightened in color, it was time to do some surface cleaning on the flat surfaces and some pressure washing on the stone and stucco walls. It was then time to move on to the house. I must say, it is quite satisfying to stand back and watch the algae die off and disappear. After the appropriate amount of dwell time, it was time to rinse all of that dead algae, dirt, and grime away, to reveal its former beauty.

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