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"Amazing Asphalt Shingle Transformation in Lewisburg PA"

Amazing Asphalt Shingle Transformation in Lewisburg PA

I received a call from a Home owner in Lewisburg PA looking for Roof Cleaning, he had recently moved in and wanted to have some moss removed from his roof. After getting some information from the homeowner, the next step was to go take a look at the roof, and what came next shocked us. We walked around the side of the house to where the moss was and when we looked up it looked like there was a Thick Green Blanket laying on the roof. After further inspection, the roof on the front of the house was dark grey/black and you could see in one area where the original color showed through. When speaking to the homeowner, we pointed this out explaining that he had a severe growth of "Gloeocapsa Magma". Which is a bacteria that feeds on the limestone in the shingle. After learning this he wanted us to add that to the estimate.

On wash day, the customer wanted to watch for a little bit. After hitting the "Gloeocapsa Magma" with a coat of our Roof Cleaning solution he could see it working instantly. When we hit it with the second coat you could see some of the dead growth running down the roof and from behind the truck i heard a "Oh Wow, Look at That". The Thick Green Blanket we mentioned turned brown after applying the Roof Cleaning solution to it. We had to come back to assist the moss in coming of, as the severity of it was knitted to the texture of the shingles. This Roof Wash Service did a couple things for the customer. First, it increased the curb appeal, by taking it back to its former glory. Second, by eliminating the the "Moss and Gloeocapsa Magma" we gave the roof some of it years back, saving the home owner thousands of dollars on an early roof repair.

Location: Lewisburg, PA

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